Honey, the way nature intended.

Honey is best when nothing is done to it. Raw mānuka honey is full of nutrients and antioxidants that do wonders for the human body. It can boost the immune system, has antibacterial properties and is a proven anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately, most honey has been heated to the point where these benefits are lost.

At Honey Honey, we don’t pasteurise our products. What you get at the store, is what we get at the hive. Raw, organic and delicious.

BIOGRO Certified Organic

Honey Honey is made from untouched, native mānuka pollen. Our hives are safely tucked away in the untamed Taupo bush – far from both urban pollutants and chemical sprays. 

To back this up, all of our honey is BIOGRO Certified. With New Zealand’s largest, most trusted certifier behind us, you know that our honey is as natural as we say it is.